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We Believe...

Together we're a force

No one has ever achieved greatness alone, we all need a team...a squad to help us along. At The Picnic Circle we believe that community is more important than competition.  

In working smarter, not harder

Our time is extremely valuable. As the savvy and creative business owners that we are, we know that working smarter (not harder) gives us better control over how we spend our days, reduces stress and feelings of overwhelm, while allowing us to redirect our energy towards the things that bring us joy. 

In a well designed life

We believe that life should be full of moments that take our breath away and leave us in awe. A well designed life must include intentional business practices that move us closer to the life we dream of having. 


We must all tend to the garden in order to enjoy the harvest. Reciprocity allows us to maintain a nourishing co-creative space for everyone. 

Prioritizing self care

It's impossible to pour from an empty cup. Surrounding ourselves with supportive individuals and nourishing spaces helps us to be better friends, lovers, and even business owners.

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The Power of Circles

With no ending and no beginning the circle is a powerful reminder that it doesn’t matter how we got started nor where we end up, so long as we are committed to the journey. Honoring the self and our role within the infinite universe, circles point us towards the learnings we pick up along the way. 


At the Picnic Circle we know that we are better together and just like circles we are in a continuous process of shifting and evolving. A sign of perseverance, the empty center of circles remind us that as bosses and leaders in our industry, we must remain open to the vast possibilities ahead of us. 

Behind the Brand


India Pierce-Jackson

She / Her

Founder & CEO

Hi Picnic Friends! I’m India, the founder & CEO of The Picnic Circle, and for as long as I can remember I have loved picnics. When I was in college, during special moments since I couldn’t afford fancy dinners, I would plan the nicest picnics to treat myself. So it’s sort of serendipitous that I now own a luxury picnic events company, Omi Picnics. Omi Picnics is my commitment to inviting slowness and connection into my life and to help others bring it into their lives. In some ways my creation of The Picnic Circle came from that same place, a desire to create community for people to be together.


As a person who owns multiple businesses (I am the co-founder of a boutique consultancy company)  I know just how important it is to have a strong community of like-minded people who support and speak life and prosperity into your business as well as your personal development. We all need a hype squad, I’m so glad to be a part of yours. Now let’s get a glass of bubbly, kick up our feet, and dream together. 

Let's be friends!


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