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Join Our Advisory Board

The Picnic Circle exists because we believe in community over competition. We know that by supporting another person’s success we won’t dampen our own. And while we could do business alone, why should we?

Life is better with a squad of folks who’ve been there and get it. 


The Picnic Circle Advisory Board will support TPC in achieving its mission and main objectives by providing strategic guidance as we plan the future direction of our community, its resources, and offerings. Further, board members will serve as TPC ambassadors, championing our work in various capacities. 


The creation of the Advisory Board ensures that we hold true to our commitment of being a place for us by us. 


We invite you to apply to be a part of our new advisory board to help to move us into our next level of success.

We’re growing our squad and we want you to be a part of it! 

Apply to be a member of our TPC Advisory Board. 

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Main Areas of Focus

General Strategic Guidance

Providing strategic guidance in completing our mission and objectives.

External Analysis

Assisting TPC in identifying areas of opportunity, potential risks and challenges, as well as emerging trends.


Supporting the creation of partnerships, sponsorships and other strategic links between TPC and other orgs.


Board members sit on 1 of 3 committees that speak to the various areas of our work. Members will use their expertise to make recommendations.

Join the Board if...

  • You own a luxury picnic company or another business entity that provides luxury picnic services  

  • You have been in business for at least 1 full year 

  • You can commit to the terms outlined above 

  • You believe in community over competition 

  • Your personal values are aligned with the values and mission of The Picnic Circle 

  • You are excited about being a founding board member and making authentic connections with other picnic bosses. 

  • You are interested in shaping the future of the picnic events industry. 


It’s not all about what you can contribute, here’s what you’ll receive: 

  • Significant discount off your ticket to the annual conference 

  • 10% off select workshops with experts 

  • Picnic boss swag 

  • Access to exclusive events at annual conference 

  • Exclusive feature on our website & social media

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The Commitment

  • 1 - 2  year term [select what works best for your schedule, begins 2023] 

  • Quarterly advisory board zoom meetings 

  • Exclusive in-person dinner at our annual event to be held in March 2022

  • 1 onboarding meeting to be held Winter 2022

  • Lead 2 connections calls during the year 

  • Periodically you will be consulted on topics related to your expertise 

  • Join 1 of 3 sub-committees [meeting and communication frequency will be decided upon by committee members] 


Other opportunities may include: 

  • Serving as a TPC host for networking events in your region 

  • Taking on a leadership role during the annual conference

How to Apply

Complete this short form helps us gauge your interests and potential contributions.

Apply by Oct. 1st

Discovery Call

Several people will be invited to have a short discovery call to learn more about their role and what they can contribute.

Accept Your Invitation

5 - 6 people will be invited to join the board. The Onboarding meeting will take place mid fall and your term begins 2023. 

Please note: We are looking to organize a group of individuals that represent a diversity of genders, ages, community sectors, and professions, etc., that will ultimately provide the balance and differing perspectives to our group. Priority will be given to those who fit these needs and those with unique skills to help grow our community.

Let's be friends!


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