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4 Elements to Consider before Launching your Luxury Picnic Company's Social Media Accounts

So you've decided to start a luxury picnic company.

You've probably been doing a lot of research and have looked at all of the beautiful picnics out there. As easily as you found those picnic companies you'd want your potential clients to find your business with ease as well. After all, we are living in the age of pretty things. Everyone is looking for the next Instagram worthy experience so of course this means that the number one place you want to make sure your picnic has a presence is online.

Having a cohesive and attractive social media presence will help to set you a part from others in your industry and ultimately attract new followers and potential clients to your business. Before you rush over to Instagram or Tik Tok, below are some suggestions to take into consideration before you create an account.

Create a marketing plan

A marketing plan is a document outlining which platforms your company will be on, what types of content you will publish on those platforms, and who you will market your business to specifically. Ask yourself who is your ideal client? Where are they located? Where do they hang out online? And what gets their attention? These questions will get you started in the right direction to ensure that you are creating a marketing plan that helps you reach your goals. You can choose what you want to include in your plan but here are some sections that are often included:

  1. Brand information such as your mission and marketing objectives. Are you trying to attract new customers? Increase sales with existing customers?

  2. Style guide - this outlines the aesthetic of your business, everything from the tone words your use to the colors, logos, and other design elements.

  3. Target audience

  4. Competitor analysis

  5. Key performance indicators (KPIs) - the metrics you plan to track

Consider your capacity

Data produced by the Pew Research Center revealed that most users visit social media platforms at least once a day, and 51% of users visit more than one social media platform multiple times a day. This information means more opportunities for your luxury picnic business to come across their social feeds. This means that your target audience is consuming a lot of content and when you throw your hat in the ring you'll be competing to capture their attention. This can take a lot of time, from creating the images/video to writing the copy that will accompany it. Below are some questions to take into consideration to determine how your capacity aligns with the vision you have for your social media accounts.

  1. Where does your target audience spend their time? Are they mostly on one platform such as Facebook and Instagram, or are they one multiple platforms?

  2. Which platforms are most important to your industry? Most importantly, consider if there are platforms where you don’t want to be, contrary to popular belief you do not need to be on every platform.

  3. How often do you want to post content? Do you have the time to keep up with that schedule or will you need assistance? If you do need help, will scheduling software be enough help or should you hire someone?

  4. Are paid ads part of your strategy? If so, do you have the time to test and refine your campaigns?

  5. What is your budget for assistance?

  6. What time is your community most active? Do those hours match the hours you want to be most active on your social media? If not, perhaps there are apps or software you can use to make sure the content is posted when your target audience is paying attention while freeing you up to focus on other things.

What kind of content will you post

According to one survey from Content Marketing Institute (CMI), 92% of marketers stated that their company views content as a highly important business asset. The survey further elaborated that businesses with strong content especially those focused on storytelling, can see an increase in both their brand recognition and profits. If you want to reap some of those rewards you have to spend some time considering the type of content you will post. For example will you post videos highlighting your luxury picnic setups, behind the scenes content of your business, or photography only? Will you add long form content such as blogs?

Here are some fun content ideas to consider posting:

  1. Introduce yourself and share why you started your luxury picnic business. Let your followers get to know you!

  2. Post “a day in the life” video where followers can see what you do to prepare for a picnic.

  3. A timelapse of setting up a luxury picnic. This is a fun and simple concept that showcases the work you do.

  4. Show the fun details that make up your picnic. Such as the flowers, flatware, and other fun details. This shows the intention you put into the work you produce.

Strategize with hashtags

Use hashtags to expand your audience. A hashtag is a searchable keyword or sequence of characters with the pound sign (#). Hashtags indicate the subject matter of the post and help others searching for similar content to find your post. While there are many general picnics hashtags you can use, you might also want to consider using hashtags that a specific to your local area. Here are some popular hashtags to use when posting your content.

  1. #luxurypicnic

  2. #picnicdate

  3. #picnicparty

  4. #picnicideas

  5. #beachpicnic

We hope that these 4 considerations have gotten you thinking about your next steps. Trust us, setting aside intentional time to develop your luxury picnic company's social media presence is sure to put you are on the right path to success. The more time and effort put in, the more opportunities for growth will occur. As you're planning and putting together your marketing plan remember that we are here to help you. We weren't meant to do business alone, that's why The Picnic Circle offers coaching to picnic bosses. Let us be a part of your community.

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