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How to Create Your Own Press Kit: An Easy Guide for Luxury Picnic Bosses [Free Download]

Now that you have your luxury picnic business up and running, it’s time to really think about different ways of increasing your company’s visibility. For many bosses, the first thing that comes to mind when we think of visibility is Instagram, Facebook, and all the other social media platforms out there. But let’s think of the big picture.

Think local news coverage, magazine features, and newspaper stories. We know, we know…who reads the newspaper nowadays? Think digital newspapers. You also may be surprised that these avenues typically have a wide reach, and there’s almost always a want to feature local businesses. Many times, you can pitch yourself and your picnic business to a reporter, writer, or newsroom producer. That’s where press materials come in handy.

Press kits are a one-stop shop for all the information a reporter or writer needs to understand what your business is and why it’s important. Below we have broken down the different materials you should have in your press kit. Depending on the size of your picnic business, you may choose to include only some in your press kit. The important thing to remember is that your press kit should tell your story and provide a clear picture of the services you offer.

Press Kit Must-Haves

  • Fact sheet with company background

  • Bio and headshots - especially important for feature content

  • Boilerplate

  • Contact information

  • One sheet on services offered

  • 3-4 high-resolution images *videos are also important to have for news media coverage

Fact sheet

A fact sheet should be one-page and include a summary of your business. You will want to include your company’s name, owner’s name, when the company started, major statistics like how many picnics you’ve done, and links to the business’ social channels. The fact sheet must be concise so think bullet points instead of paragraphs. This will make it easier for media members to scan, and pull the information they need for the story.

Bio and headshots

In addition to the business owner, you’ll want to include team members who are a big part of the picnic business. The bio for each member should be 3-5 sentences long and should include their role in the business and a fun fact. Headshots are huge. Luckily phone cameras have come a long way. If you don’t have the budget to get professional headshots done, use a good camera phone, use natural light (go outside), and play around with it until you get a great shot.


A boilerplate is found at the bottom of press releases but also on websites. Boilerplates are made up of 3-5 sentences that give a brief yet powerful description of your business. Many times, the media will use this paragraph in their stories. If you choose not to have a boilerplate in your press kit, consider scanning your website to ensure this paragraph is located on the home page of your website.

Contact information

These details are included in the fact sheet, but it doesn’t hurt to have a simple document with your contact information. You never want reporters or writers having a hard time contacting you. Make sure to include your phone number, email, and the company’s email address too. If there’s someone on your team that manages media inquiries, include them on this page too, and identify them as the media contact for your picnic business.

Services sheet

While the fact sheet may include a brief description of your services, this one sheet is the place to get into the details. What different packages do you offer? Do you have add-ons? Other rentals? This page is an opportunity to outline the differences between the packages you offer, and hype up your high-end product. Make sure to include high-resolution photos of the different packages as well, in addition to the add-ons.

High-resolution images and videos

Magazines, newspapers, and blogs will rarely take their own photos of your product so it’s important to have high-resolution photos ready for media inquiries and outreach. Remember, this is what readers will see so make sure the images are aesthetically pleasing, bright, in-focus, and true to the services you offer. News outlets interested in featuring your business in a news segment will almost always shoot their own content but it’s great to have these handy should a producer need more footage. Unlike social media, try your best to have horizontal, in-focus videos available.

That’s it. We have covered all the elements a picnic business boss should have in their press kit. The last thing we’ll say is to store all these materials on the platform you already use, or consider using Google Drive or Dropbox. Before sharing the link with a media member, remember to check that they have permission to view and download the content.

Need help getting your press kit setup? Here’s how The Picnic Circle can help:

  1. Download our free Fact Sheet template to kick start building your press kit today. You will get three fully customizable Canva templates that you can edit to fit your brand.

  2. Book a coaching session where we can go through each of the press kit elements and build them out together.

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