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Luxury Picnic Business Feature: ModernDay Picnic

Meet picnic boss Marilina “Mari” Crowe of ModernDay Picnic!

Hi Mari, it's so wonderful to have you with us today. To get started can you tell us about and what inspires you?

My event planning journey began over 20 years ago when an accidental meeting led to a very rewarding career that allowed me to work in some very cool cities across the U.S. I’ve produced everything from large association trade shows and corporate events, to small milestone celebrations and everything in-between; I am grateful for the experience, and today, I find myself appreciating working closer to home without the far-reaching, and constant travel.

In addition to planning events, I also conduct consulting work and help guide those looking to start a picnic business of their own. When I’m not working, I enjoy entertaining, creating tasty dishes, exploring nature, going on adventures, experiencing live music, connecting with people and, establishing long-lasting friendships. I love to see people smile because their joy becomes mine. I find inspiration in the simplest of things. I love the creative process and giving life to ideas; it is the reason I enjoy planning special celebrations that unite people in fun!

What do you love about being a picnic boss?

I love the challenges of every aspect of running a business; it is like doing a puzzle and finding the pieces that create the whole. There is a misconception that the reason to start a business is to have flexibility, especially with one’s schedule, and to have the ability to work at one’s leisure, but the reality is that running a business requires one’s full attention and then some; it is a double, or triple-time endeavor. Naturally, the rewards outweigh the challenges and serve as a reminder that anything is possible when one is willing to work at it.

What has been the biggest lesson you've learned as a business owner?

Overall, I would say my biggest lesson, thus far, has been accepting that not everything falls into place the way envisioned and that it is perfectly okay to pivot. Life is a series of lessons; it is important to remain open, tenacious, patient, humble, and to move forward with as much grace as possible.

What are you dreaming of? What's next for you?

I’m dreaming big! I feel quite optimistic about the future of the event planning industry. I believe 2022 will be a great year for everyone, especially those families that were forced to postpone special celebrations due to a worldwide pandemic. In addition to planning picnics, and doing consulting work, I have plans for a special, “elevated” dining series; you’ll have to follow my Instagram and stay tuned for the exciting details!

Contact Information

ModernDay Picnic

Located - Dana Point, CA, USA

Follow along on Instagram - @ModernDayPicnic

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