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Luxury Picnic Business Feature: WemaLove

Meet picnic boss Yvonne Oniha of WemaLove.

Hi Yvonne, it's so wonderful to have you with us today. To get started can you tell us about and what inspires you?

My name is Yvonne a mother of two beautiful babies, by the age of 3yrs and 2yrs old (16 months apart). I used to be a flight attendant for Etihad Airways and worked there for over 10 years. Got married, I resigned and moved here from Abu Dhabi in 2017, and the result after is my babies lol. I am a stay home mom and currently started this picnic luxury business in October of this year. I love interacting with different cultures and seeing their joy and smiles when you do a setup and this makes me happy. Other than that being an inspiration, it motivates me to do greater things. My family inspires me to work hard everyday and I am looking forward to connecting with bosses who motivate each other to reach greater heights. My mission is to empire women especially from my country (Kenya), that we can achieve anything we set our minds and hearts to.

What do you love about being a picnic boss?

I get to bring people's vision into reality and get to play around with the ideas. In addition, it gives me a chance to step out of my comfort zone and not be afraid to go wild and do exciting things.

What has been the biggest lesson you've learned as a business owner?

Be content with what I have and not compare myself to other luxury picnic owners. Have self-confidence that sometimes small is big and that can be very impactful to someone out there. Also not settling for less.

What are you dreaming of? What's next for you?

I am dreaming of getting exposure and connecting with very influential people. I want to make money to continue my education and be very successful in this business.

Contact Information


Located - Laurel, Maryland, USA

Follow along on Instagram - @1WemaLove

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