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Luxury Picnic Business Feature: Two Chicks + A Picnic

Meet picnic bosses Brianna Hawkins & Myanna A. Khalfani-King of Two Chicks + A Picnic.

Hi ladies, it's so wonderful to have you al with us today. To get started can you tell us about and what inspires you?

From a childhood friendship, we have always been the epitome of two peas in a pod. Our love for organizational planning and all things pretty allowed for Two Chicks + A Picnic to be written in the stars. We have the collective vision of bringing events to life. Being two Black women we wanted to create beautiful spaces where people in our communities can have access to these experiences. There are limited affordable picnic services in our zip codes, and even fewer services provided by Black women. This inspired us to start this venture together.

What do you all love about being picnic bosses?

We love being able to express ourselves creatively and being able to build something great with our best friends. Being able to help someone else create a picture-perfect moment that they will remember for years to come is what brings us joy. We also love being able to experiment and create elements to add to our client's experiences but also having the autonomy to decide the trajectory of our business.

What has been the biggest lesson you've learned as a business owner?

We are continuously evolving. We pride ourselves on personalizing each picnic but are learning to develop a business model that is both standardized and yet individualized to maximize efficiency. At the start, we had multiple cars stuffed to the brim with inventory needed for a single picnic. And now we are learning how to be more strategic with how we pack and plan for our picnics.

What are you dreaming of? What's next for you?

We are hoping to expand our picnic and event planning services, and open up an event space. We hope to provide a space where people can come with their visions and have limited restrictions and barriers. A part of our vision moving forward is to venture into all-encompassing events beyond the specialization of luxury picnics.

Contact Information

Two Chicks + A Picnic

Located - Los Angeles, California, USA

Follow along on Instagram - @twochicksandapicnic

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